Simpler living through innovation. At Otium, we develop dependable products for home and living so you can focus on the fun of raising a family.
 The resident mom-inventor at Otium Kids is Nancy Ciara. After her son Jackson was born, Nancy took to solving common baby and kid gear problems herself. Her first innovation came when she connected baby leg warmers to socks. No more lost socks. No more chilly toes. Only Cozee Toes!
From better babywearing to easier diaper changes to protected knees and toes during playtime and crawling, Nancy soon saw how versatile and adorable Cozee Toes were. As Cozee Toes grew in popularity with friends, family and at craft fairs, she looked to see what other pint-sized problems she she could solve. Cozee Pants and Cozee Hoods soon followed, and Otium Kids was born!
Otium Kids keeps looking for ways to innovate and improve gear, clothing and toys for kids. You’re committed to keeping your baby and child healthy and happy. We’re committed to helping you.
Raising your family is more functional, and more fun, when you have the right products you need to get out into the world.